Practical organization (first-year primary school survey)

First-year primary school survey

The exercises will be performed in the classroom during the last school term, between April and June 2018.
The parents of the Elfe children, who will probably be in their first year of primary school, will be asked whether they agree with this school survey in principle and whether they wish their child’s teacher to be involved.

Those teachers who are requested to do so by the parents will fill in a questionnaire about the Elfe child in their class and administer exercises to test his or her learning in French and mathematics. To avoid singling out individual children, while at the same time keeping things simple for the teacher, these exercises will also be performed by three other randomly selected children.

The survey will be conducted in accordance with the formalities laid down in French data protection legislation.
The information supplied to the scientific team by the teachers will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

How will the teachers receive the survey material?

The survey documents wil be communicated to the teachers by the families and by the National Institute for Demographic Studies (INED). More specifically, parents who agree to their child doing these exercises will hand the teacher an envelope containing material that supplements material sent directly to the school.

When exactly will the children do the exercises?

The four selected children will perform the exercises during school time, whenever the teacher feels it fits in best with the life of the class. As the teacher will have to supervise the four pupils during the test, the rest of the class will have to be given another activity, so that they do not disturb each other. The exercises can be performed over several days, in any week in the last term of the 2017‑2018 school year.