Research goals

This is France’s first nationwide study to track children’s socialization, development and learning from birth and across their schooling. The originality of the Elfe birth cohort lies in the use of classroom exercises designed by researchers (research hypotheses).

The study focuses on key aspects of the children’s progress through school, including possible learning difficulties, academic performance, and subject and career choices. The information we collect about the Elfe children’s schooling will enrich all the data we have already gathered from their families on social environment, childcare arrangements, childrearing and cultural practices, leisure and cultural practices, and the children’s health and development since birth. Researchers examining children’s learning will therefore also be able to consider what goes on before and alongside school. This will inform the debate among the authorities and education professionals on topics such as the role of childcare facilities for young children, the impact of family blending, the effects of schooling on child development, and academic inequality.

Présentation des premiers résultats de l’enquête en maternelle

Xavier Thierry, démographe et coordinateur de l’enquête École