The Elfe study is funded by government bodies and led by an independent scientific unit based at the National Institute for Demographic Studies (INED). The school surveys are managed by the Elfe unit, which has included a wide range of experts (researchers, psychologists, sociologists, demographers and linguists) in its School group (List of researchers - PDF).

The local education authorities and head teachers, as well as the Elfe children’s teachers, are informed well in advance about the surveys, which are carried out with the permission of the National Education Ministry.
Participation in the first-year primary school survey is not compulsory, and the success of this large-scale investigation of children’s learning will depend on the commitment of the teachers and, more broadly, the education world. Teachers and management staff who express an interest in the ongoing project will be involved in the follow up over the coming months and years, receiving the initial results of the surveys in the second year of nursery school and first year of primary school, and taking part in the consultation process for further school surveys.

Retour d’expérience d'une enseignante sur la première enquête réalisée en maternelle

Audrey Barbar, enseignante à l’école maternelle Jean Mermoz (Savigny-sur-Orge)