Associated researchers

More than 150 researchers located all over France are actively involved in Elfe, working on more than 80 research projects across a wide range of disciplines.

Research teams interested in working with us are invited to respond to our calls for proposals. The proposals we have received so far have helped us to fine-tune the project’s goals and main research themes, taking account of the constraints of data collection and the need for overall coherence. Each team works within a specific thematic group.

There are currently around twenty thematic groups. They each have their own separate research themes, but are continually interacting with the other groups.

In the social sciences:
Socialization & Education : Jérôme Camus (Citeres-Cnrs)
Economic Status & Insecurity : Ariane Pailhé (Ined)
Demography & Family : Nicolas Cauchi-Duval (University of Strasbourg)

In health:
Physical Growth & Puberty : Barbara Heude (Inserm)
Respiratory Disease, Asthma & Allergies : Chantal Raherison (Inserm/CHU Bordeaux)
Mental Health : Maria Melchior (Inserm) & Anne-Laure Sutter (Inserm/CHU Bordeaux)
Healthcare Consumption & Dental Health : Alice Germa (Université Paris Descartes) & Marie-Josèphe Saurel (Inserm)
Perinatal Period : Béatrice Blondel (Inserm)
Cancers : Jacqueline Clavel (Inserm)
Infectious Diseases : Sophie Vaux (Santé publique France)
Accidents & Injuries : Nathalie Beltzer (Santé publique France)

In environment:
Physical Exposure : Ghislaine Bouvier (Isped - Université Bordeaux 2)
Exposure to Environmental Pollutants : Florence Zeman (Ineris)

Cross-cutting groups:
Diet, Nutrition & Metabolism : Blandine de Lauzon-Guillain (Inserm) & Christine Tichit (Inra) 
Physical Activity : Patricia Dargent-Molina (Inserm)
Psychomotor Development : Frédérique Gayraud (Université Lyon 2) & Marion Taine (Inserm)
School : Bertrand Geay (Curapp-Cnrs)
Sleep : Sabine Plancoulaine (Inserm)