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A database open to the scientific community

Elfe’s truly multidisciplinary infrastructure allows the information it collects to be made available to the whole research community, under conditions that ensure data security and confidentiality.
Data yielded by the Elfe study can be accessed by any public- or private-sector research team that has a specific research project   providing it meets the conditions set out in the data access charter.

Requests for access are made via Pandora, a secure Internet platform that provides information online about the study and its databases. This platform allows researchers submitting a request to post a description of their team, file their project and select the precise variables involved in their research.

The research teams that helped to design the Elfe study are given priority, enjoying exclusive access to the data for each study phase for the first 18 months after they become available. At the end of this period, access to the data is extended to the whole scientific community.

Elfe data access committee

Made up of representatives of the project team and associated researchers, Elfe’s data access committee (CADE) has the task of examining and responding to all requests to use this information. Its remit is to check the eligibility of the submitted projects, and in particular their scientific relevance to Elfe’s research goals, feasibility, whether they are in the public interest, and the risk of participants being identified. Where necessary, an ethics group can be consulted about particular projects.
Once their project has been approved by CADE, research teams that are not part of the Elfe study must seek specific authorization from the French data protection authority (CNIL) before the data files can be released. This particular condition may change in the future.

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Data access platform

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Research projects currently underway

Data available:
Maternity unit survey (extended access)
Survey at 2 months (extended access)
Diet between 2 and 10 months (extended access)
Survey at 1 year (extended access)
Survey at 2 years (extended access)
Survey at 3.5 years (restricted access)
Preschool survey (restricted access)
ELFE-PMI survey (restricted access)