School surveys

Groundbreaking research on children’s learning

The Elfe study’s school surveys are intended to provide a comprehensive overview of children’s learning, looking at the interactions between socialization within the family and at school. They are conducted in the classroom, where teachers are asked to give the children fun exercises to do. The first survey was conducted in nursery schools in 2016, with the involvement of second-year teachers (see findings). This allowed us to collect information about 4- and 5-year-olds’ early learning of language and numbers.

Next stage: learning at primary school (first year)

To pursue this groundbreaking research on children’s learning, a similar initiative will be undertaken in primary schools in the spring of 2018, again involving the children’s teachers. There are plans for further surveys in the children’s third and fifth years of primary education. These will allow us to analyse how children approach the different areas of learning taught at school, taking account of their living conditions and family structure, as well as their health and cognitive development.

The school surveys are designed with the approval by the French Ministry of National Education and overseen by the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL). 



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